Thursday, March 20, 2008

March TSCA

The March meeting was held at the Red Dragon. Rick Carrion spoke about the Classic Yacht Restoration Guild, Inc. and Elf, an 1880's racing cutter. In the MIT Archive B&W photo, Elf is racing with Beatrice (black hull) up in Mystic.

Last year I was able to help build the new rig for Elf at the Workshop on the Water.

WoodenBoat Small Reach

I just found out that Urchin & I were accepted to the 2008 Small Reach Regatta in Maine. My friend Mike was also accepted with his boat, Pepita. The Del Val chapter of TSCA will be represented.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Street Sailing

It is a sunny breezy day in March and If the water were warm I'd go sailing, but it's not.
I am on my roller blades with a windsurfer sail and a couple bamboo poles not quite long enough.
There is also not quite enough breeze to overcome the rolling friction either.

Going home is a matter of reducing sail area by carrying it flat. It was a fun experiment anyway. Stay tuned.