Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At the Cape

6/23 Sailed to Strong Island with the floatilla. The Golden eye, yellow 2 man and FIDDLEHEAD, a 6hr canoe. All the paddlers beat me over to the island. Had a interesting experience sailing along the edge of a shoal with the tide coming in. I was beating into shore and thought I'd have to beach and walk the boat across, but the incoming tide was strong enough to hold the boat about a foot clear of the edge and I was able to skirt along the boundary until I made the channel. Very interesting. Great reach back to Quanset Pond. Hit most of our favorite beaches with the fam; Skaket, Nauset and Quanset.

6/25 Rained hard yesterday, Hail. Pumped about four inches out of the boat.

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