Sunday, July 20, 2008

Callahan Cup

Fri Jul 18
Sailed TORCH out of BayHead Yacht Club with John, Chuck, Bobby, Judy & Nick. The wind was on the light side, no reefs. Due to position and a hang up at one of the marks we got a third in the first race. During the second race there was a bunch up of sandpipers at the last course mark and we slipped by MARY ANN and SPY for a second place. GHOST came in first both races, SPYDER looked super out there, TAMWOCK hit the committee boat. Best of all I got a ride on BARNEGAT. She is a beautiful cruiser, very sexy lady. The sandbaggers sailed a couple races with a load of kids on board. There was a covey of sandpipers. These look like comfortable boats, a bigger beetle cat. Best of all, four sneakboxes were out and sailed close races.

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