Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

The whole idea behind MASCF is messing about in boats and sharing that wonderful spirit of "rattiness" or enthusiasm about the water. Here's an England daughter launching off the museum;s steep ramps, next a couple putting the finishing touches on their pram - a first launch, then Roger Allen's crew from FL (Cuba, this time).

I love it when Chesapeake Light Craft brings their boats. CLC folks are very creative and usually have some new ideas every time. In the apprentice boatshop, there was a really nice old Leineir ducker. I like the color and the two tone effect on the following boat.

The log canoes are fascinating, but a tough way to build a boat, hacking it out of solid timber.Our own Karen Rutherford gave a well-attended watercolor demo, and it turned into a wonderful low key social event with painters littering the docks.

The usual Saturday sailing race used up the afternoon calm. Everone sailed out to where the wind dies, had a chat-up and drifted back in on the tide, just in time for the chantey folks from Delaware River Chapter and friends.

I paddled Pete's kayack in the women's long race since he was still drifting in on URCHIN. (I had sailed with Tom on MARION.)

Nice boats on the docks, Peapod.

I rowed out for the 3-legged race, tried to sail round the mark losing leeway to a stuck centerboard and rowed back for fun. Great weekend. I love St. Mike's and all the folks at CBMM who host this event.

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