Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 Days on Silent Maid-day 1

Friday, Sept. 11.
deRouville's Boatshop, Tom's River - Barnegat
It is blowing like crazy, Tom's River looks like soapy dishwater stirred by a giant. The rain and wind are pretty impressive. So we go out to breakfast. Nothing like a full tummy to ease anxiety. Great diner. The Bayshore. Bennies with T-ham, about as down Jersey as you get.

Back at the Boatyard, we look at a big old Carl Adams boat in need of a lot of TLC.

Then onto the boat to stow the ship's supplies in lockers.

John tries to hook up the stove for the first time. No Go. so we do. Off to the gas dock to get fuel. Topped off, back to deRouvilles to have running lights looked at, Bill goes up the mast (in the wind) to check the mast head light.

Off comes the tri-color.

We depart to make the run down bay to Barnegat. Silent Maid is a comfortable boat. She is awful wide, and kindly.

I get to steer for a while. It is pouring rain and I am ridiculously happy. The guys are rigging a reefing line. Turns out to be a very useful thing. Set sail and we start moving.

I get back to stowing gear, Chuck drives with Pete as nav.

John returns to stove fixing.

Flags standing proud. Close hauled against the breeze.

We leave Toms River in our wake and come up to an anchorage behind Barnegat in the marsh. Such a sweet boat. It stopped raining. John got the stove running, we have salad, pasta and garlic toast for dinner with strawberry shortcakes. Good sleeping for me on the v-berth, but the bilge pumps kept someone else up.

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