Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Pete Peters gave a good talk on sailing tactics. I nominated Ted for Pres, Frank for VP. Pul for Treas. Bill will con't as sec. Next mtg at the Dragon. Elections.

Presentation: “Efficient Catboat Sailing Skills”, by Pete Peters (Lecture 1 of 2)

- Key parameters:

o Length

§ Hull speed = (Length in Feet) x 1.34

§ Disproportionate energy needed to exceed hull speed

§ “make boat as long as possible”

o Weight

§ Lighten as much as possible

§ Inertia hinders acceleration

§ Greater wetted surface = drag

§ Center as much as possible

§ Remove water in the boat – bail!

o Lift

§ Bernoulli’s principle – air moving over curved surfaces

§ Lift off wind

§ Lift found in sail, centerboard, rudder

§ Rudder – a little weather helm generates lift

o Balance

§ Center weight in boat

§ Maximize waterline, maintain level (fore/aft and port/starboard) by shifting crew and content weight.

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